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About Insta Story Download Tool

Communication has become very advanced in the present world. People use different methods of communication. Among them, Social media are the main source of communication. everyone uses a smartphone and they all use social media to communicate with friends, discover the world, and to learn as well as for entertainment. there is also a competition between these social media. In this, One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram which is at the top with 1.3 billion-plus monthly active users. Instagram allows you to share your photos and videos with others. users can follow each other to get connected and it has more different features.

Instagram users share their photos, and videos with their followers or the public. among these instagram media, One of the main features of Instagram is Instagram stories.

What is an Instagram story?

here you can share photos and videos on Instagram as stories. The difference is, that stories are only for 24 hours. It means the photos or videos you share as stories on Instagram will disappear after one day from your account. But users can keep them for a long by adding them to story highlights. Commonly, users share their live status, ongoing situation, or old photos on their Instagram stories as photos or videos. therefore these stories will be important to their followers. In this situation, there is a problem that all the users are facing while watching stories, that is any of the Instagram media are not directly downloadable. It's also the same with stories. Many users take screenshots or go with screen will be a little bit easy for Instagram photos and videos, but it is not good at Instagram stories. For this case, we have the best solution here, the Instagram story downloader.

What is this Instagram story downloader?

Instagram story downloader is an online tool to download Instagram stories. This allows you to directly download Instagram story that you need. Our tool is very easy and simple to use, as well as this story saver is lifetime free for all. Also, don't worry, this is not like other time-passing apps or software. You can download Instagram stories with a few clicks so easily and quickly.

Why does this differ from other tools, apps, and software?

Everyone's problem with online tools is, should I signup here? But our answer is NO. You don't need to sign up or give any details here. just follow our few steps, then the Instagram story will be on your device. Therefore our Instagram story saver is safe for users. Also, You can have a doubt about the story quality, right? But here you can save Instagram stories in original Instagram story quality.  As well, this is a free online tool, you don't need to download any applications. Just insta story download only. So, you can save your data charges as well as device storage by using our Instagram story saver. 


How to download a Story from Instagram?

  • Open Instagram and go to the account that has the story to download. Copy its profile URL or Username.

When you open Instagram you are looking for other stories. If you get a story that should be downloaded for your device, click on the profile photo that is in the top corner. and then you will go into their account. So take their profile link.

  • Then paste username into the above input box.

Scroll up on the page then you will see our input box at the top. Make sure that you have copied the correct URL always.

  • Click ‘Download Now.

After pasting the URL and clicking on the download now button, you will be able to see a preview of the story that you needed. You can also play story video previews.

  • Click on ‘download’ under the story preview.

Then it will load and download your instagram story media.

  • Then, the story will be downloaded to your device.

The original quality Instagram story media has been downloaded into your device now.


Also, you can go with the instagram username here. then copy and paste the user name of the account that story should be downloaded instead of the profile URL. Then follow other steps as same.

So, job is done! You have saved the story to your device nicely.

Now you should have an idea about how to use this tool and how it works. As well as why it differs from other tools and this is so easy, right?

How to Save Highlights & stories also?

It's sure that all Instagram users know about this new cool feature, IGTV videos. they are high-quality, vertical videos that users can upload in long-form. The special feature of our tool is that you can IG stories download here. 

Follow below process:

  1. Copy the IG story URL or Copy Username of the profile.
  2. Paste it into the input box 
  3. Click on Download button

You will see a preview as same as before.

  1. Click ‘DOWNLOAD’ under the preview and the media will download on your device.


What are the advantages of Instagram story downloader?

  • You can download Instagram stories in original quality.
  • If you take an ss, its quality is not enough, or you have to crop it and rearrange it. But here you can get the media as its original.
  • Download and save stories in a few clicks.
  • Instagram story download without any watermark.
  • Simple easy and quick.
  • No need of downloading any apps, or software, and no any signups.
  • A simple IG story download tool. 

You can use this as an IG story downloader to download IG stories. 

So, What do you think about Instagram stories download? This is so easy, quick, and simple as well. If you have an idea about this now, then why are you still waiting up here by scrolling. Try it now. Follow above mentioned steps and get your instagram story in few clicks. This saves your time because there is no app or software to install. Try it, but also do not forget to share your experience with your friends.

Please don't repost/reshare downloaded Instagram videos and Instagram photos from Insta downloader without owner permission. It's a crime to share someone copyrighted media. You are fully responsible for what you do with your knowledge.

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